Host your own events

Meet new friends and bring your local Citysocializer community together for social events in your city. Start hosting today.

Share your talents

If you like getting people together for a night out, you have a passion to share or an idea for an activity and you want to find likeminded people to do it with, take the plunge and host an event for your local Citysocializer community. It can be for 6 people or 60, it's up to you.

Meet new people

Hosting your own events is the fastest and most successful way to meet new friends and a new community. Your events will be promoted to your local Citysocializer community and we will support you with tips to make it successful.

Enjoy some perks

Only subscribing members can host events but if you're up for hosting two per month you'll get your membership for free, as well as gifts and prizes to reward you for bringing the community together.