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  • Get an exciting social life with lots of friends and countless options of things to do. Meet up with friends and see what’s on in Birmingham.
  • citysocializer is the coolest social club in Birmingham, with lots of people who want to make new friends in Birmingham and all the best Birmingham events.
  • Whether you want to go for a few drinks downtown, have a picnic in the park or see the latest art exhibitions and plays you can always see what’s on in your city and find a good group to hang out with.
  • Just click and go out. That simple!
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Thumb 518bd5c35f Hannah organized War & Peace Opera - WNO 🎭🎻🥂 Saturday, 6:30 pm

Saturday night at the Opera to watch a beautiful story based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel, the narrative of ‘War and Peace’ follows the tribulations of Russian society as Napoleon edges closer to the country’s borders. As their fates intertwine during the 1812 invasion they find their stories unfold during a time when Russian lives would change forever. A Classy night of culture, drinks and relaxation before heading off for a night of fun and frolics 😉 See you there dears!

Thumb 518bd5c35f Hannah organized Bar & Block Brunch Date 🍖🥘🍸 Sunday, 2:30 pm

Something new to try! 🥩 A popular venue, this is a beefeater in disguise with classic cuts, hand cut by their expert chefs on-site, so you can have you steak as big as you like! Or why not discover a new favourite from the speciality cuts range on the rotating Butchers Block? 😎 Vegetarian? Plenty of options for you to try take a look at the below link to the menus available. It’s Sunday so, let’s kick back guys and chill eat, drink and be merry! ...see you there 🍻👍🏽 *

Thumb 518bd5c35f Hannah organized Fantastic Beasts 🎥 Night 🍿 Monday, 8:00 pm

Monday Movie night is here! Sinking into comfy settees 🛋 with your own side table where staff bring your cocktails 🍸 and snacks 🍿☕️🍕to you! Relax, sit back and enjoy an excellent movie sequel. A mythical fantasy movie with creature beyond this world....come with me and step into another world 🌎.... See you there!

Thumb ce76ab9c80 Sanchita organized New Members Night Friday, 8:00 pm

Hello folks! Join this social today and let's get a group together for a lovely social evening of relaxed chat and getting to know new people, and to meet some older members who can help give advice on how to make the best of your membership. Expect a fun, laid-back evening with new connections and the start of a new way to go out, meet people and have fun. We can start the night getting to know everyone over a social drink or two (and food if you're hungry) and maybe head on somewhere else later on if the group decides!

Thumb 518bd5c35f Hannah organized Dinner @ The Highfield 🍷🍺🥘 Saturday, 7:15 pm

A favourite high end restaurant located just off Hayley Road with a bear garden with quality fresh food and a range of drinks in the bar. The High Field has a spacious garden and terrace. There is also public parking on-street and adjacent to our garden. Good tasty food all day, along with quality draught beers, ale 🍺on hand pumps, plus a carefully chosen wine list with quality-variety value. Saturday relaxing over some good conversation and delicious food..see you there!

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