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Best way to meet friendly locals doing fun things
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Have fun going out with groups of others

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How it works

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1. Join Citysocializer

Be part of a fun community of friendly people.

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2. Go to socials

Pick your favourite social events and go out.

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3. Make new friends

Meet lots of interesting people who are just like you

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4. Have a great social life

Find lots of thing to do and people to hang out with every time you feel like going out

Authentic, local social experiences


  • Get an exciting social life with lots of friends and countless options of things to do in Bournemouth this weekend. Meet up with friends and see what’s on in Bournemouth.
  • citysocializer is the coolest social club in Bournemouth, with lots of people who want to make new friends in Bournemouth and all the best Bournemouth events.
  • Whether you want to go for a few drinks downtown, have a picnic in the park or see the latest art exhibitions and plays you can always see what’s on in Bournemouth this weekend and find a good group to hang out with.
  • Just click and go out. That simple!
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Thumb 306c31f0af Gail organized Bowling and pizza night Saturday, 6:00 pm

Who's up for some bowling and pizza? If you fancy throwing some frames and then grabbing pizza then sign up my friend!

Thumb 306c31f0af Gail organized Photography treasure hunt Saturday,11:00 am

Did you ever take part in a treasure hunt as a kid? Remember the thrill of a the chase? The feeling of satifaction with your finds! Well join in this meet up and revive that feeling with a treasure hunt with a twist. Either solo, pairs or in a team you have a camera(s) and challenge list to complete whilst exploring the city, prizes for the most interesting and suitable photos as voted for by all participants and judges. Lets get to know the city a little better and see it from an new angle.

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