Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is citysocializer?

    In a nutshell: citysocializer is a super easy way of doing the things you enjoy and meeting new folk around you to hang out and make the most of your free time with. Our social discovery network and community connects people together offline around shared (social) likes, location, lifestyle and life-stage.

  2. What can citysocializer do for me?

    What can’t it? Our members join for all sorts of reasons, if your friends are out of town or busy and you want people to go out with, you’ve just moved to a new town, want to find cool new things to do, want to meet people who share a passion or hobby, or just want to make more friends in your neighbourhood to hang out with, citysocializer helps you do all of these things.

  3. How do I sign up to citysocializer?

    If you don’t have Facebook, you can sign up the good old-fashioned way by entering a few basics. The fastest way is using Facebook Connect - it means you can get in, in just a few clicks. We don’t share anything with your networks unless you decide to.

  4. What are the people like on citysocializer?

    From 18-80, anyone can join citysocializer to see what’s happening around them and find others like them. Outside of work, it’s probably the easiest way to meet new people. Our community is outgoing, spontaneous and up for making new friends wherever they go.

  5. How do I meet people with citysocializer?

    Our online calendar of socials means you can check out what’s being organised around you and reserve your place to anything that takes your fancy. Then, either get the conversation going beforehand or simply turn up on the day/night and meet some new faces.

  6. What type of activities can I expect to be invited to on citysocializer?

    Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone. Our community are checking out everything from art and theatre trips, gigs, clubs and Sunday pub lunches to bike trips and jogging, girly brunches, walking tours, cinema trips, cocktail classes and weekends away – pretty much anything you can dream up in your city and beyond!

    1. What is a social?

      A “social” the pet name we give to any of the group days and nights out being organised for our members.

    2. Can I organise my own socials?

      Yes, all full members can host their own socials for others. We make it really easy so if there’s something in particular you want to do, post up your own social and see who’s free to join.

  7. What is a host?

    A host can be any of our wonderful members that organise socials for others.

  8. What’s a citysocializer host?

    You’ll recognise a citysocializer host by a red “quality” tick on their profile. We recruit the best of the best social organizers to form part of our dedicated hosting team, responsible for hosting our socials organized for Premium members and for hosting their own days and nights out for others.

  9. Do I have to pay to use citysocializer?

    It’s free to sign up. To enjoy unlimited socials, messaging and other cool features you can upgrade to full membership, which can be switched on and off by you at any time to suit your schedule.

    Unlike other services you’ll find out there, we offer a premium service that translates right through from your online experience, courtesy of our product, development and customer support team, to the socials you attend and the people you’ll meet offline, guarded by our dedicated Community Operations team who are passionate about ensuring the quality of your experience on the ground.

    1. How do I pay for membership?

      You can choose to pay monthly or quarterly and we take an upfront payment from your debit or credit card that renews automatically - if you don’t want your membership to be renewed automatically, you can cancel this at any time from your Account Settings.

  10. Who are the people behind citysocializer?

    citysocializer are not just another faceless company or internet service; you’ll find our team taking care of our community on-the-ground at the socials you attend, online themselves at and sharing our news with you via our social networks daily. Make sure you come say ‘Hi’ to us both online and offline!

  11. How can I contact citysocializer?

    For any membership queries or general support visit our Contact Us page.