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Best way to meet friendly locals doing fun things
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Have fun going out with groups of others

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How it works

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1. Join Citysocializer

Be part of a fun community of friendly people.

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2. Go to socials

Pick your favourite social events and go out.

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3. Make new friends

Meet lots of interesting people who are just like you

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4. Have a great social life

Find lots of thing to do and people to hang out with every time you feel like going out

Authentic, local social experiences


  • Meetup with new people in Glasgow and have an exciting Glasgow social life.
  • citysocializer is the coolest social club in Glasgow, with lots of people who want to make new friends in Glasgow. See whats on in Glasgow and find all the best things to do in Glasgow with your new friends.
  • Whether you want to go for a few drinks downtown, have a picnic in the park or see the latest art exhibitions and plays you can always see what’s on in Glasgow and find a good group to hang out with.
  • Just click and go out. That simple!
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Thumb 1f133c6b09 Sanchita organized New Members Night! Friday, 6:00 pm

Hello everyone! Join a group of us for a social evening of relaxed chat and getting to know some other new members and meeting some older members who can help give you advice on how to make the best of your membership. Expect a fun, laid-back evening with new connections and the start of a new way to go out, meet people and have fun. We can start the night getting to know everyone over a social drink or two (and food if you're hungry) and maybe head on somewhere else later on if the group decides!

Thumb aa96b463dc Anita organized My Bday meal and drinks Sunday, 6:00 pm

Heading to Glasgow for 4 or 5 days in Oct will b able to do a few socials when I'm over. So get in touch if interested. And any good suggestions where to go would b much appreciated. Should b arriving that day so as soon as I know times etc I will put a time up for social.

Thumb aa96b463dc Anita organized Daytrip to Edinburgh Monday,10:00 am

Hi gonna b spending near a week in Glasgow mainly coming over for a concert but would like to include a couple of days trips while I'm over. 1 to Edinburgh and then 1 to Ayr on the Thursday of that week. So if any1 would like to come along with me for the day ur more than welcome. Especially as my mate has let me down for going to Scotland. Could mayb meet up with others in Edinburgh too. Gonna get bus or coach in the morn and aim to b there for lunchtime or b4.

Thumb aa96b463dc Anita organized Enrique inglasias concert Tuesday, 4:00 pm

Thinking of going for a meal and drinks b4 concert if any1 else is going. And possibly drinks after. Toni Macaronis mite b a possibility atm.

Thumb aa96b463dc Anita organized DAYTRIP TO AYR Thursday,10:00 am

As I'm gonna b spending almost a week in Glasgow I'm gonna include 2 day trips while I'm over if any1 would like to come along. Will post more details when I work out coaches or trains etc.

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