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Best way to meet friendly locals doing fun things
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Have fun going out with groups of others

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1. Join Citysocializer

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2. Go to socials

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3. Make new friends

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4. Have a great social life

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Authentic, local social experiences


  • Meet up with new people in Liverpool and have an exciting Liverpool social life.
  • citysocializer is the coolest social club in Liverpool, with lots of people who want to make new friends in Liverpool. See whats on in Liverpool and find all the best things to do in Liverpool with your new friends.
  • Whether you want to go for a few drinks downtown, have a picnic in the park or see the latest art exhibitions and plays you can always see what’s on in Liverpool and meet up with a good group to hang out with.
  • Just click and go out. That simple!
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Thumb cd0326db8e Sarah organized Let’s go to the Cat Cafe Saturday, 2:00 pm

Liverpool has recently opened a Cat cafe where you can go and hang out with the cat family that live there. Our feline friends know how to relax and play and love themselves. We should leave our hectic lives behind and be more like cats from time to time. It is £12 an hour with unlimited drinks. Cakes and snacks also available. If there’s a few of us interested I’ll book us a place.

Thumb 1f133c6b09 Sanchita organized New Members Night! Friday, 6:00 pm

Hello everyone! Join a group of us for a social evening of relaxed chat and getting to know some other new members and meeting some older members who can help give you advice on how to make the best of your membership. Expect a fun, laid-back evening with new connections and the start of a new way to go out, meet people and have fun. We can start the night getting to know everyone over a social drink or two (and food if you're hungry) and maybe head on somewhere else later on if the group decides!

Thumb b24cc431d7 Stewart organized Gin Party @ Bombed Out Church Saturday, 7:00 pm

If you like gin and parties, well some genius has managed to combine both of them......:) It's at St Lukes, which due to unauthorised redevelopment by the Germans doesn't have a roof. So, we may have to keep an eye on the weather, but after a few G and T's, I doubt we'll care anyway......:) Soooooo, if you want to be in vogue this summer, click the "I'm defo going" button.

Thumb cd0326db8e Sarah organized Brunch at Mother Espresso Saturday, 1:00 pm

I love this new place. Forget Starbucks these people know their coffee. Lovely flavourful food from fresh ingredients. Come along and meet new people. Everyone welcome.

Thumb 41b3116734 Zoe organized Reminisce Festival -8th Sept Saturday,10:00 am

So first time posting on here, but looking for some like minded people who wouldlike to go Reminisce Festival on 8/9/18. All my friends from when i was a youngster who liked the music from that era are all settled down and dont go out anymore. If anyone else in the same position would like to go please message me x

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